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Cue Care

Do you remember the first time you picked up your cue in the store?  How smooth it felt in your hand.  How you made a bridge with your hand and stroked the cue back and forth marveling at the feel of it. 


With some cue care you can make your pool cue feel like that again.  With a little attention, the right products, and a little know how your cue can look and feel new again.


Cleaning The Shaft

The first step of cue care  is to clean the grundge off your cue's shaft.  There are many different cleaners on the market and most of them work quite well. 


You should avoid any cleaners that have aggressive sandpaper in them or that clean the wood by taking off material. 


Over time the shaft will become undersized and will play differently then when it was new.  Research has shown that even as little as 10 thousands of an inch in diameter drastically affects the way the pool cue plays.


The easiest way to start is to take a damp paper towel rub your cue's shaft vigorously. 


Immediately after, take a dry towel and dry the shaft.  You do not want any moisture to stay on the cue for any length of time.  This could cause the cue to warp.


The nest step I do is to use one of the cleaners such as Q Cloth.  Diamondback's shaft cleaner is also quite good.  This type of cue care product not only cleans the shaft but bleaches the color as well. 


Again, as soon as the cleaning is done dry the shaft off with a dry towel.


Fiberglass and Graphite Cues

Fiberglass and Graphite cues are completely different and require different care.  If you use an aggressive cleaner on the shaft of one of these cues will damage the outer shell. 


For one of these cues a damp, soapy paper towel will do an excellent job.  Remember to dry the cue off after cleaning. 


Cuetec Cues makes a great cleaner/conditioner for fiberglass and graphite cues.


Smoothing the Shaft

By now the shaft should be starting to look new again.  The next step is to start putting that "like new" feel on the shaft. 


Take the smooth side of a Q Wiz or a very fine Scotchbrite pad and go up and down the shaft a couple of times.  This will take out any fine imperfections in the shaft. 


I know, I said not to use any sandpaper but the Q Wiz's 2000 grit will not take off any significant material.  All it does is help the grain of the shaft to "lay down" after being wetted a couple of times.


Sealing the Shaft

The final cue care steps are to seal and burnish the shaft so it keeps that new cue feel. You seal the shaft by waxing it. 


Paste furniture polish does a great job.  The polish must be removed before it dries.  Buff the polish off and your cue will be looking like new and feeling smooth.


The Finishing Touch

The finishing touch is to burnish the shaft to seal and smooth the shaft for that "brand new" feel. 


I use a Creative Inventions shaft polisher pad.  It is a 2 sided piece of suede leather with a foam pad in the middle.  This seals the wood pores and does a great job. 


Cue Butt Care

The butt of the cue does not need as much cue care as the shaft.  Usually the butt has a number of coats of clear covering the wood. 


For the ultimate look you can use some automotive polishing compound and a good coat of car wax to make the cue really shine.    Just make sure you do not get any on the Linen wrap.


Irish Linen Wrap

The wrap needs some special attention to get it back to a "like new" condition.  Diamondback makes a great linen wrap cleaner. 


When you clean your wrap make sure you go in the direction of the wrap  (around the cue not up and down the cue). 



In conclusion, you can see a few simple little steps and some patience and your cue and look and feel just like new again.


Of course if you do not have the time or patience for cue care we can do it for you here at Billiards Plus.  Our pros, using our cue lathe, can bring back your cue's "like new" look and feel.



Do you have a question?  Contact Us.



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