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Pool Table Accessory Kit

A great pool table deserves a great accessory kit.

Did you know that the single biggest complaint the average customer has about their new pool table is not about the table at all.  That 's right.  It's about the quality of the accessories. 


The FREE pool table accessory kit that some merchants include with their pool table is worth just that; NOTHING


The cues warp in no time or the balls chip or crack and then you have to buy replacements.  This will cost you more of your hard earned money.


How can you tell if the accessory kit is any good? 


It's pretty hard.  You can't tell if the cues are going to warp, or something else is going to happen, looking at  the package.


The best advise for a consumer is to buy an accessory kit from a brand name manufacturer.


Brunswick sells accessory kits that play as good as their tables. 














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