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Pool Table Cloth

Actually, the Balls Never Touch the Table

The pool table cloth is extremely important.  The cloth really accentuates how the table plays.  Simonis and Brunswick Contender cloth, both provide an excellent surface for the balls to roll on.  


We have 2 different qualities from a woolen blend to tournament type, worsted wool cloth.  Each cloth is available in a variety of colors so you can choose the color that is right for you.


Billiards Plus has a wide selection of pool table cloth in stock. 


Contender Cloth

The Contender cloth by Brunswick is an excellent quality woolen cloth.  This cloth does not pill like some woolen cloths and wears very well.  This cloth is a 75% wool and 25% nylon blend and is 21 oz. in weight.  The Contender cloth comes in 12 popular colors. 

We stock Brunswick Contender cloth in 8' Bed and Rail sets in all 12 colors.


Brunswick Green


Cardinal Red

Chocolate Brown



Gun Metal






Midnight Blue




Regatta Blue








Simonis 860 Cloth

If you have ever watched the pros play on TV, odds are that you have seen them play on Simonis 860 cloth.  It is the pros choice. 


This Simonis cloth is a worsted wool blend cloth with 90% wool and 10% nylon.  Because it is worsted wool the cloth is very smooth and therefore plays very fast and very predictable. 


The pros like it because they do not have to hit the ball as hard and they can be more consistent with the cue ball position for the next shot.  You will like it because it plays great, looks great, and is easier to keep clean.  Simonis 860 comes in 25 colors.




























Cloth Care

A new pool table cloth can considerably affect ball roll.  Until the cloth is "broken in" the ball may wiggle slightly when moving very slowly.  This is normal. 


By brushing your table more often during the first 3 months of use the cloth will normalize faster.


Always brush your table in a straight line from the head of the table (where the nameplate is located) toward the foot of the table (where the ball are racked).  This will brush the cloth's nap down.  Never brush in a circular motion.  The table's cloth should be brushed once a week.


A pool table cloth can be vacuumed periodically if you're careful.  Vacuuming is a great way to remove dust, pet dander, and chalk that has collected between the cloth and the slate. 


Again, as with brushing, go in a straight line from the head to the foot of the table.  Use the upholstery brush, not a rotating brush head, and use the light suction setting on the vacuum. 


Vacuuming only needs to be done every few months.


White Spots

When the pool table cloth has been used for a short period of time small white spots will appear on your cloth.  This is common and the spots fade after a period of time. 


These are caused 2 different ways. 



If someone tries to put too much backspin on the cue ball the cue strikes the cloth and removes some of the fibers from the cloth. 



A white spot can also result from striking the cue ball with excessive force.  This is common on the break shot.


On the break shot the cue ball is accelerated from 0 to over 20 miles per hour in an instant.  This creates an incredible amount of friction which produces heat. 


Typically, pool table cloth is a combination of wool and nylon.  The nylon in the cloth actually melts.


Masse' or Jump Shots

Masse and jump shots are pretty impressive.  Watching the cue ball do things that look impossible is great. 


These shots are also very hard to do correctly and are very hard on the cloth even when done right.  When they are not done right they can rip or tear the cloth.  Then the pool table cloth will need to be replaced. 


By outlawing these shots on your table your cloth will last much longer and is an easy way to help maintain your table in good condition.


Temperature and Humidity

Your cloth can wrinkle and become loose if it is subjected the extreme temperature or humidity.  Take care to regulate both. 


Opening the windows and doors in the room that has the pool table on the first nice spring day will affect the tautness of the cloth considerably. 


Stop in and let our professional staff help you today.


Do you have a question?  Contact Us.



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