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Pool Table Guide

At Billiards Plus we understand that not everyone knows about pool.


This pool table guide will help you decide what type and where to purchase your new beauty. 


Are They All The Same?

How do you select when so many look the same?  Are they all the same?  Are color and price the only things to look at? 


While price is important, it is not the only thing to consider when making a pool table purchase.  You want it to look great, play great, and last a lifetime. 

      Brunswick pool table

Is The Table A Recognized Brand Name

 Brunswick Billiards is the #1 brand and the most recognized name in billiards.


Is Billiards The Dealer's Primary Business?

Some dealers sell pool tables as a sideline when our main product is "out of season".   These dealers may not know that much about billiards because it's not their main focus.


How Many Different Models Does The Retailer Stock and Display?

Some retailers, especially the ones that only do pool on their "off season," only display 1 or 2 models. 


Does The Table Have A Quality Fit and Finish?

Better quality pool tables have a better fit and finish than economy tables.  The pockets and rails all fit together without gaps, the frame does not have gaps or twists, and the aprons are straight. 


How Does The Table Play?

It's hard to tell how the table will play when it is sitting in the showroom.  A dealer that is serious about pool will usually have a table set up to "try out."


How Is The Table Constructed?

Is the table all solid wood?  Most entry level tables have solid wood top rails and a plywood or MDF frame.  Some of the more creative sales people will call plywood, "solid wood". 


Pool Table Assembly

Regardless of what wood is used, a good table will be assembled with nuts and bolts at all the important points to maintain it's level and for increased durability and longevity. 


Some tables are assembled with wood screws and staples.  When they work loose, the table sags and the balls start to drift.


What Is The Warranty? 

Some stores claim that their pool tables have a Lifetime Warranty.  It's easy to say to get the sale.  It's a harder thing to stand behind.


I have heard that some retailers import the same pool table every year, but with a different nameplate.  If a customer has a warranty issue, they tell them that they do not deal with that "other" company anymore. 


Dealer Network

Does the manufacturer have a dealer network across the country?   If you move will there be a dealer there to help you. 


The guy building pool tables at his house doesn't have any kind of dealer network to resolve warranty issues.


Who Will Install The Table?

Most retailers that just do pool as a sideline do not have their own installers.  These retailers contract the installation out to a "third party".


Usually a couple of guys show up at your door and want cash before they'll unload and assemble your new table. 


A "Sold On The Internet Only" Table?

Tables purchased on the "Internet only" really are a "Buyer Beware" situation.  The picture you see on the website is really no indication of what the table that comes to your door will look like. 


When the truck comes to your door how will you unload the pool table?   Slate is heavy.  Do you have a forklift at home? 



There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a pool table.  It is more than just the table stain and cloth color.  While those things are important, there are other things to think about too.


Good Luck and Happy Shopping.



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