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Replacing Rubber Cushions

Replacing rubber cushions is one of the most common things we get questioned about.  People want to know when their pool table may need the cushions replaced and what their options are.


Hard, Soft, or Loose

There are 3 things that can affect a pool table's bounce. 



 If the cushion rubbers become hard the ball will hit the cushion and the ball will "thunk".  The player will have to smash the ball to get it to bounce off the rail. 



If the cushion rubber goes soft the ball will be pinched by the rubber and will squirt off the rail strangely.



The third problem is if the cushion rubber starts to become delaminated from the wood rail.  Then the cloth is the only thing holding the rubber in place.  When a ball hits the cushion it can act like a hard rail, a soft rail, or just veer off at any random angle.


When any of these 3 things happen the cushion rubbers need to be replaced. 


Cushion rubbers must be replaced as a set to ensure a consistent bounce, rail to rail.



Replacing rubber cushions is best left to professionals. 


This is a job that must be done in the shop.  Special glues, jigs and fixtures are required if you want to get the cushions on straight, even, and with the proper nose height. 


Billiards Plus can replace your cushion rubbers the right way.  We have all the equipment and "know how" to do the job right.


If someone says that they can do the job onsite they either don't know how to do the job right or don't care.


Our technicians know what to do so you don't have to.


Stop in and let our professional staff help you today.


Would you like an estimate? 


Please provide the following:

The size of the table. (7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot, etc.)

The table manufacturer. (Usually a nameplate on the head rail)

The approximate age of the table.

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Telephone at 519-739-1822


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