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Viking Pool Cues


Wood is where it starts for a Viking pool cue and Viking is very selective about the wood that it buys. 


The wood in a cue purchased today was bought years ago.  Woods like Maple, Ebony, Tulip, and Birds-Eye Maple.  Woods from Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, and Madagascar. 


All the wood is checked for structural integrity and grain character.



Viking's computer aided design system has opened the door for more intricate designs and unbelievable fine detail. 


Every design is looked at, studied, and questioned.  Is it unique?  Is it beautiful?  Only then is the design approved. 


With the exception of a few elaborate decal cues every bit of detail you see on a Viking cue is a hand fitted inlay or a ring.



Computer driven tools produce meticulous recesses for perfectly matched and hand fitted inlays.


All the cue butts are turned on a lathe 2 times before they are seasoned for another 1-1/2 years.  Then they are turned 3 more times. 


The Maple shafts are turned on a lathe a minimum of 9 times during the manufacturing process with at least 2 months between each turning.  This results in the straightest shaft possible.


Each Viking cue is a work of art which is protected with a durable UV coating.  This protects the cue's stains and colors from fading and being scratched.



A Viking cue is a work of art that is meant to be played with. 


Viking has invested considerable amounts of time and resources perfecting the playability of their cues.  The Pro Taper and the proprietary ferrule have been designed to ensure that the cues perform as good as they look.


Viking cues will help you win games.


Billiards Plus and our sister website, PoolCuesExpress.com, are the top Viking Cue dealer in Canada.


Click Here To See All The Viking Pool Cues.  Your Best Shot.



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