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Why Choose Billiards Plus

At Billiards Plus we understand that not everyone knows about pool.  You want it to look great, play great, and last a lifetime. 


When people walk into our store, the one thing that is on their mind is "Why Should I Buy From You"


Because pool tables are assembled  to exacting tolerances in a specific location in your home, where you buy is just as important as what you purchase.


Reasons To Buy From Billiards Plus


1 - We sell the #1 brand pool table - Brunswick Billiards


2 - We have been in business for over 10 years


3 - Billiards is our only business


4 - We have many Brunswick pool table models on display


5 - We have a pool table to play on so you can check out how Brunswick pool tables play


6 - Table construction is displayed


7 - We deliver and install your pool table



1 - A Recognized Brand Name

 Brunswick Billiards is the #1 brand and the most recognized name in billiards.


Billiards Plus is Windsor and Essex County's Brunswick Billiards authorized dealer.


2 - 10 Years In Business

Billiards Plus has been in the specialty retail billiards business since 2000.  We do not sell pool tables as a sideline when our main product is "out of season".


People who come into the store often ask us about our pricing.

What they're really asking is "Can I get this cheaper somewhere else?"


If our pricing wasn't competitive we wouldn't still be in business.


3 - Billiards Is Our Only Business

 Our staff are all well trained experts that are interested in pool.  If you want to purchase something for your Games Room in June, you don't have to wait until our Christmas stock comes in. 


At Billiards Plus, billiards is our only business. 


4 - Many Different Models In Stock And On Display

Brunswick manufactures over 30 different models of pool tables in 7 different furniture styles.  Many models are available in different stains, legs, and sizes. 


At Billiards Plus we usually have 20 different Brunswick models on display for you to look at and compare.  After all, you want it to be great, it's going in your home. 


Some retailers, especially the ones that only do pool on their "off season" only display 1 or 2 models.  In the summer, the pool table becomes a display for swimming pool chlorine.


5 - How Does The Table Play?

It's hard to tell how the pool table will play when it is sitting in the showroom. 


At Billiards Plus, we always have a Brunswick table that you can play on so you can experience the difference in playability.


Brunswick tables have a reputation as being the best playing tables in the world.  Most professional tournaments are played on Brunswick tables. 


Some of Brunswick's innovations include Superspeed cushions which are the biggest in the industry, and Nut Plate construction for a livelier, more consistent bounce. 


6 - How Is The Table Constructed?

All Brunswick tables are assembled with nuts and bolts for better playability, durability, and longevity. 


Most other tables are assembled with wood screws and staples.  When they work loose, the table sags and the balls start to drift.


At Billiards Plus we have a table "half finished" on display, so you can see exactly how it's constructed.


7 - Pool Table Installation

At Billiards Plus we have our own Certified Table Mechanics.  They work for us year round and we stand behind their work. 


Some retailers contract the installation out to a "third party".  Usually a couple of guys show up at your door and want cash before they will unload and assemble your new table. 


If you have a problem with your new pool table it becomes a finger pointing exercise.


Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a pool table.  It is more than just the table stain and cloth color.  While those things are important, there are other things to think about too.


We will make you happy.



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