Levelling A Pool Table

Let's face it: if the table isn't level it's not fun to play on.

Pool table leveling is the most important part of installing a pool table.

No matter how great the table looks or how fast the cloth plays the most important part of the table is how level the playing surface is.

Billiards Plus offers a pool table leveling service.

If you are in the Windsor to Chatham area please Contact Us.

Our technicians have many years experience with all kinds of different brands.

They use precision levels that are accurate to the thickness of one human hair. (Carpenter's levels just aren't accurate enough.)

Our technicians know what to do so you don't have to.

They can get your table playing great.

Would you like an estimate?


Please provide the following:

The size of the table. (7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot, etc.)

The table manufacturer. (Usually a nameplate on the head rail)

The approximate age of the table.

Do you have a question?  Contact Us or by telephone at 519-739-1822.

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